Fort Laramie Historical Association

Supporting Fort Laramie National Historic Site Since 1956

Hospital Ruins ©Swift Photography/Chase SwiftHospital From Northeast circa 1880
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Cannon closeup ©Swift Photography/Chase Swift

Our Mission

The mission and purpose of Fort Laramie Historical Association is to advance the scientific, educational, historical, and interpretive activities of Fort Laramie National Historic Site for the benefit of our visitors.

To fulfill this mission, the Fort Laramie Historical Association (FLHA) operates a Bookstore/Giftshop at Fort Laramie National Historic Site, which offers the public high quality books and gifts to educate them about the site. The sales from our store allow us to make significant donations back to the Fort. Since our incorporation in 1956, FLHA has provided over 20 million in financial support to the Fort Laramie National Historic Site.

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